Hi, I'm Bipin Karmacharya.

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Welcome to my personal site.

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I Love My Family

I have a small family living happily in a small city of Nepal, Bhaktapur joined by a daughter recently. After them Allure Creation is my family.

I Code for living

I develop blog, web applciation, SAP on PHP, RTML, JAVA, JavaScript, Python with MySQL, ORACLE, SQL on Adobe Dreamweaver, Sublime Editor, Eclipse.

Things I Like

I like to roam around different parts of Nepal, take snaps, listen to music, tweet a litle bit, write randomly on different matters.

I have served different organization for about 10 years where I learned different aspects of organizations from development, production, testing with different kinds of automation tools useful for individuals, small business houses, big organizations which are used for the marketing purpose of their products.

I, personally got involved with business houses of different sectors of business on Nepal like tourism, health, online sales, education, food & energy and learn about them and develop strong creative and management kind of strategies solutions on whose execution they can expand their business. Most of my solution is based on the usage of IT which help the small business owners of Nepal face the challenges of the evolving market and make their impression not only in a local scenario but also the international stage.

With that experience, I have initiated to develop different kinds of tools which can assist other business houses to brand their product, market them targeting the prospective clients and deliver the products. With a small start working with the different small business houses in my local hometown Bhaktapur,I am now serving different organization across Nepal.

Though based in Bhaktapur, I am here to help the small business of Nepal from anywhere else are seeking some strategic partnerships to develop public relations, marketing, branding you can reach me at info@bipin.me or below links.

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