Role of Team members for Nepali Startups

Startups are the problem solvers to any kind of difficulties that helps layman in his/her day to day tasks. Every sector is being dominated by big players, start ups should be aware of this fact so that they can prepare themselves to all the challenges they might be facing in future once their product is on market.

No matter what sector should the startup is focused on, team is the key challenges in context of Nepal. Till the whole members of the team does not work with similar kind of dedication and sincerity the team is too fragile to break in near future. If the team is put together in such manner that they can combine face the obstacles and get over it. If team is not working together then it will result that somebody will be working more in compare to others which may result dissatisfaction in course of time among the team members. So the team members must be able to meet each others par to remain strong as a team. In context of Nepal, most of us think that he/she is the only one working hard and tries to seek credits to success of the team rather than be part of all happenings in the organization. So, I see the role of Team members for Nepali Startups high.

I will be mentioning more points on which will play key roles to make the startup sustainable. If you have any suggestions please mention in the comment section below.

Why I stopped blogging

There are not many reasons why I was not blogging at times. I was away from blogging for, so long that my site had been hampered by lots of virus due to which I lost many posts and images. It was all my fault for not coping with changes happening to my site. Different things were on my mind for not posting as I used and neglecting the updates. Some of the common reasons that were restricting me from writing are as below:

– I don’t have time: This might be the most strong reason that comes to my mind. I felt like I was busy in freelancing, office works, daily to dos and commuting. I had same 24 hour but I was not having time to write even few lines a day too which hindered a lot and today I can see the result of not having a single post for months.

– I don’t make money: This is another big point in my mind stopping me to create blog post. As I have been using Google Adsense to make few bucks from it but it was not reaping as I had planned. My other blogs were giving relatively more revenue but same was not happening to this site. Not making money should be the reason for me to write more but adversely it was other reason obstructing me.

– My location: This may sound funny that I live in small South Asian country NEPAL which happens to be one of the minor country between two BIG countries India and China. This ranking always hovered my mind negatively seeing the development of these countries and not having any similar services in Nepal.

Though these thoughts are still in my mind I am collecting myself to resume to overcome the hindrance Why I stopped blogging and get connected to my earlier readers whom I may have lost.