Why I procrastinate time and again

It’s so frequent and perennial that the procrastinating task never goes off my mind. I try to complete my assignment and start doing another activity after certain interval. Even while working at office, I chat with my friends without any specific reason, browse Facebook, go through unnecessary news by taking stand on my daily tasks. I always ponder why I procrastinate a lot and finding reason is an abstruse task. After having research on this area, getting help from people who have profound knowledge in this field, reading lots of articles, I came up with the summary of reasons for procrastination. Continue reading Why I procrastinate time and again

difference between Page views, Clicks, Page CTR, CPC and Page RPM in Google Adsense

According to Google Adsense “Google AdSense provides a free, flexible way to earn money from your websites, mobile sites, and site search results with relevant and engaging ads.

AdSense has helped over two million publishers grow their businesses in the last 10 years. Have AdSense fund your content so you can focus on creating even more.”.

Most of us who use Google Adsense as an income must be familiar to the core stuffs which play vital role in more benefits. As a beginner to it I’d like to state what I have learnt which may be negligible in contrary of understanding whole Google Adsense System. I am presenting one liner definition and difference between Page views, Clicks, Page CTR, CPC and Page RPM in Google Adsense.

Page Views– This is the number of page views of your website. Multiple pages browsed increases Page Views in google adsense. Continue reading difference between Page views, Clicks, Page CTR, CPC and Page RPM in Google Adsense

The Start

It’s very easy to have faith and belief in your idea. We think it shall be according to our length plans and endless thoughts.  The start is always a great thing to happen either its joining job or learning something new or beginning of new phase of life.

Sometimes all we need is a fresh start.

Lots of hurdle come into action once one starts any thing. We shall always be tested with how much we can do and how far can we treat all the happenings through out. The more we do, we feel to be closer to success point but in reality the more we do the more it takes away different phases of life still we don’t stop pursuing our dreams for which we have to balance between work life , social life and personal life. So, lets never miss any moments of life, any projects, any customer, any client’s feedback but over deliver.

6 ways to take care of yourself

1) Show gratitude every day
A way of getting people’s attention is either by showing gratitude or complaining in every content, but the question remains you want positive vibe from people or the unpleasant one. I ponder complaining is easy as words slip out even without thinking mind. Let’s just assume it as involuntary task. Showing annoyance will mark negative thought to your surroundings and have negative image. From now one, start showing gratitude to peoples all around in your home, office, public places, where people challenge you, love you or to your loved ones, your competitor, seniors, juniors. I guarantee you will be loved by them, get same response what you give to them. Concluding, I just want to say that life is a mirror, how you treat others is how you are going to be treated.

2) Learn something or create new habit
Start your day with a purpose, a goal to learn something which will assist in your coveted dreams. Contemplate on areas you need to learn and devote some time, at least an hour on it. If you are not following this, make this a rule, a rule as a desire and necessity.

3) Get healthy, Stay healthy
Handle criticism with grace and appreciation. As people find it difficult to evade criticism, the two parties feels offended, situation gets worst with arising dispute. So, get health and circumvent the situation with grace.

4) Start Writing
An open way of expressing your emotions and thoughts is writing. Start writing what flows in your mind, your feelings, jot down your mistakes. I guarantee you this is the best way to cathartic release of your emotions, stress and harness your creativity.

5) Chase your dreams
Dream what you want, not what others want. Always recall your dream, set goals for your dream and keep a track of progress. Never deviate on secondary thoughts and never change your wants so that you may regret it one day. Live for yourself, accomplish your goals and always stay alive for your dreams.

6) Don’t be too serious or cherish the small moments
Seriousness gives birth to anxiety, emotional pain, stress and egregious situation. If you have a solution to any problem then it will surely be fixed, so stop trying to solve the problem that makes you serious. Keep in mind if you don’t have x type of problem then you will surely have problem of y type and problem of z type is obvious. Cherish every moments of your life to the utmost level.

Hope you like this post of 6 ways to take care of yourself and give a try.

Vlogger from Nepal – Leya

Leya is a 6 year-old Princess, living in Kathmandu with her Swedish mom and dad. She seems to be vlogging at age of 6 from end of 2012 which is 4 years back from now. She has impressive fluency Nepali as you can view in video. She has wide range of videos collection may be it be intro video like
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Lyrics of Ritu Rella Nagara by Naren Limbu

Below is the video of Ritu Rella Nagara by Naren Limbu. The soothing song’s video is published today on YouTube today.

More details of the song:
Written & Composed by : Naren Limbu | Hercules Basnet
Music Arranger : Almoda Rana Uprety
Mixed / Mastered by : Ujwal Shreyan Mahat
Starring : Meghna Chaudhary
MUA : Poonam Tuladhar
DP : Bryan Rai
Edit : Binay Kansakar
Dir and Singer: Naren Limbu

I have tried to compile Lyrics of Ritu Rella Nagara by Naren Limbu. If any mistake in compilation please suggest.

ऋतुहरु बद्लिसक्यो, तिमी आफै हेर
धेरै बर्ष बितीसक्यो, किन रोक्छौ अझ
ऋतुहरु बद्लिसक्यो, तिमी आफै हेर
धेरै बर्ष बिती सक्यो, किन रोक्छौ अझ
तिमीलाई पाउने आशामा, म त परे पासोमा
साह्रै भो आउन, अब माया गाँसउ न
रेल्ला नगर

बैस भन्ने एस्तै हो, सिद्धी जान्छ हेर
जवानिलाई किन तिमी, एत्तिकै फाल्छौ खेर
बैस भन्ने एस्तै हो, सिद्धी जान्छ हेर
जवानिलाई किन तिमी, एत्तिकै फाल्छौ खेर
तिमीलाई पाउने आशामा, म त परे पासोमा
साह्रै भो आउन, अब माया गाँसउ न
रेल्ला नगर

सुस्तरी सुस्तरी बोलाउन्छु तिमीलाई
तिम्रो सहमतिमा
आएर तिमी एकचोटी
मसँग बाधँन
हो आउ आउ मेरो सामु आउ
हाँसिखुशी त्यो जवानी सुम्पिदेउ

तिमीलाई पाउने आशामा म त परे पासोमा
साह्रै भो आउन अब माया गाँसउ न
तिमीलाई पाउने आशामा म त परे पासोमा
साह्रै भो आउन अब माया गाँसउ न
तिमीलाई पाउने आशामा म त परे पासोमा
साह्रै भो आउन अब माया गाँसउ न

Image Courtesy:Youtube.com
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Use a prediction service in Google Chrome

Today while googling about President of Nepal in address bar Chrome browser, I found a new feature of Chrome in which the address bar was suggesting the result as shown in the screen shot below.

president of Nepal
president of Nepal

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Digital Wars

How many of you had been fond of game 2048. From the makers of the 2048, a new simple game Digital Wars has been launched. This game also seems to be entertaining and boring time killer. It may take 10-15 games to practice so as to understand the game and develop a strategy to win against the opponent. Talking about opponent you can play against your friend or the game AI itself. The constraint of the 15 second time adds more spice as you need to think and make your move in that span of time. Continue reading Digital Wars

Ways to be updated about Cinema halls in Nepal

This post is to share to let you guys know the ways to be updated about Cinema halls in Nepal via the android apps available in google play store.

Show Time Nepal

showtime nepal
showtime nepal

This app shall come handy to know about the movie theaters ranging from the multiplexes to single screen theaters and the movies being screened. It is well updated on forthcoming cinemas with its release dates in Nepal. You can easily book the tickets as the app comprises links to the online booking and the contact information of the cinemal halls.
To download this app please click download Show Time Nepal

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Share ideas

We youngsters, tending entrepreneurs think of creating a miraculous product which we want others to appreciate a lot and get huge turn over from it in short span of time. We read and find lots of success stories in communication channels like newspapers, internet, televisions etc. and get more excited about our ideas to be successful and fulfill our dream to be success.

share ideas
share ideas

In course of living, we come across lots of constraints which resists to devote full time to our ideas. As ultimate solution, we intend to increase team size which will not be easier part either. As we need to convince others with our ideas and make them as willing as us to the idea implementation. As each person has different intention, we may not feel free to open up easily as there may be fear of loosing one’s idea resulting to something bad to happen. Back of the mind there will always be doubt on idea if its ready or not or someone else will steal it causing one to be holding idea to self.

“Great minds discuss ideas; average minds discuss events; small minds discuss people. “-Eleanor Roosevelt

As the above mentioned fact is obvious and of human nature, we must try to come over it and make a habit of letting ideas free. The best advantage of this uncomfortable task is the you may come across the best opportunity without knowing. May be there are others who may have similar thoughts, if you two can get connected then they can complement each other in no period of time and get succeeded easily. Sharing ideas will surely make you more skilled in terms of communication, growing networks and be comfortable to speak your mind in front of any audience which will reflect your confidence and positive attitude towards your goal. So, lets try to be open and share ideas.