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Vlogger from Nepal – Leya

Leya is a 6 year-old Princess, living in Kathmandu with her Swedish mom and dad. She seems to be vlogging at age of 6 from end of 2012 which is 4 years back from now. She has impressive fluency Nepali as you can view in video. She has wide range of videos collection may be it be intro video like

She tries to include video with different languages like Newari

She has added the playful videos like her participation of picnics, dance programmes, gossips, cooking and even science experiments

She is growing with her video posting. She has earned me as subsrciber on her Youtube channel and as fan in her facebook fanpage. Thanks to her parents to creating a Vlogger from Nepal at so young age. Moreover, I request you to follow every day life here on Youtube! channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNeGuJXaeHMdJiUcSLS_4OQ and facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Nepalsisters

To Leya (small suggestion)- you happen to say beheno often (sorry if I heard mistakenly), please try to make it as bahini.

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