pay adsl bills online

Which banks of Nepal allows to pay ADSL bills online?

This post is fr information on which banks of Nepal allows to pay ADSL bills online. Today, while I was on NTC branch office Bhaktapur, to change the volume of ADSL, I saw a list to banks names which supports the online payment for the ADSL bills. Below are the names of banks listed by NTC accepting online payment in Nepal for ADSL.

Nepal Investment Bank Limited
Laxmi Bank Limited
Nepal Bangladesh Bank Limited
Nabil Bank Limited
Sunrise Bank Limited
Everest Bank Limited
Prabhu Bank Limited
Lumbini Bank Limited
Grand Bank Limited
NIC Asia Bank Limited
NCC Bank Limited
Tourism Development Bank Limited
Sanima Bank Limited
Citizen Bank Limited
Kumari Bank Limited
NMB Bank Limited
Janata Bank Limited
Prime Bank Limited

pay adsl bills online
pay adsl bills online

If you have e-banking accounts in above mentioned banks then you can enjoy the facility to pay the ADSL bill online from any where. So, be aware and pay bills on time and never have problem of late bill payments and get disconnected from internet though there are other factors of ADSL internet disconnection ;).

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