CTR of website

As mentioned in my earlier blog posts Click Through Rate (Page CTR) of website is the ratio of number of ad Clicks versus number of Page views in Google Adsense. This means higher the CTR , it will yield more earning so, we need to focus on generating more CTR. For this we may have to implement different kind of tweaks and tricks so that we can lure our website visitors and get some click from the relevantly shown ads. We can place ads in correct way so that visitors get eyes on it and comply to click on ads if interested. I tend to place one large banner mid content,one at the end of the blog post and other at the sidebar. This may not work in every kind of website so lets experiment with ad placement. Ad placing might not be the only solution for more clicks. I will be talking on it in latter posts too.

Having 10%-12% of CTR is not the case to be threatened to be banned from Google Adsense as blogs having 9% of CTR are also being paid at intervals. Having low CTR as 0.2%-0.5% of CTR also seems to be fruitful to many bloggers so lets not worry about the variation of CTR we are getting from the blog. For me, Click Through Rate (Page CTR) of website is not the factor of the race to earn more or less and make our self winner from our level and try gaining genuine click from websites.

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