My blogging goals

As mentioned few post before I was frustrated of blogging without any thought and goal, I have created a list so as to achieve somewhat this year of blogging. I have resumed blogging with different intentions and plan this time. I have set some rules on blogging so that I won’t dismay myself. Below I have listed my blogging goals of this year.

  1. Write content with great quality
  2. Write frequently
  3. Select different topics for blog titles
  4. Generate traffic via social media
  5. Provoke guest posting
  6. Increase Blog visitors
  7. Elevate time spent on site by a viewer
  8. Monetize blog
  9. Inspire colleagues start their own blog
  10. Form or join bloggers network to succeed more in blogging

As I resumed after first quarter of this year 2016, I still have hope to see good results by the end of the year. Crossing fingers to keep my spirit up for the blogging even though I have some bad feeling of not getting quality responses on my blog posts from my friends. Beside creating new exciting blog posts, I shall be sharing my knowledge and experiences here which may be helpful to one who are undergoing similar condition as mine. Lets Hope for the best for my blogging goals. If you have any suggestion on blogging goals, I will be more than thankful if you mention in the comment section below. Have a nice day ahead.

2 thoughts on “My blogging goals”

  1. It is good to see you blogging often, however, be careful with typos 🙂 . Happy blogging and keep on writing interesting posts.

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