Practice Creative Procrastination

What if I tell you to procrastinate? Well, you may find it quip, amused or get shocked if I tell you practicing procrastination. It may sounds funny and joyous to normal people to procrastinate by deviating their mind from inconvenient, convoluted and complicated situation to comfortable zone. You may restrain from high value activities, then practice creative procrastination and spend more time in low value activities.

Average people always try to refrain from troublesome, complicated activities and engage them with effortless, unchallenged jobs. It is why they are not getting promotion in their jobs and find it difficult to achieve they dream of. Ponder what will be the consequences of not doing and doing the job, you will soon realize the value of task. Successful people apply 80/20 rule, where they try to accomplish 10 to 20 percent of items that are most valuable instead with the least important 80 percent. They procrastinate on the 80 percent unimportant task. Procrastinating on low value jobs and focusing on high value jobs is a practice of creative procrastination.

It is obvious that you procrastinate, you try to procrastinate when you are busy with low value activities. Try to eliminate low value tasks from your mind and life and busy yourself with high value activities. Discontinue lower value activities, set priorities and posterities. Posterities for the jobs that you can abandon. Last but not the least, practice creative procrastination on purpose.

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