Tech Websites of Nepal

Whenever there is something new happening in the tech world or something new gadget is launched, we have to depend on the international sources for updates, news and technical information. Such information did not cover for the Nepalese Gadget lovers as we could not find when those gadget would be launched in Nepal, where we could find them, what price will it be in Nepal and so on. But such days are gone by as we have lots of Tech Websites of Nepal which provides us latest information, specification and updates of important events, mobiles, guides, reviews, gadgets, apps, smartphones, laptops, how tos, software etc.

List of Tech Websites in Nepal

  • GadgetsInNepal
    This website GadgetsInNepal has the information of apple products, tablets, mobile prices, apps, tech news and how to’s of wide range of gadgets. It also posts information on best smaprtphones based on price.
  • DroidNep
    DroidNep covers news of reviews, tips and tricks, buying guides, news of upcoming gadgets, Telecoms of Nepal and devices. It also has different tools like Nepali unicodes, Nepali fonts which would be useful for Nepalese Tech avids.
  • DeltaDigit
    DeltaDigit comprises of information on different faculties of Nepal, gadgets like smartphone , tablets, computers , laptops , DIYs, software and tech news. Beside these it also publishes different articles on happenings and tech meet in Nepal.
  • Meropaila
    Meropails covers price and tech information of wide ranges of gadgets like different brands Mobiles, smartphone,s laptops, mac book and dslrs. You can also find the suggestion, reviews and prices of such devices in Nepalese market.
  • GadgetNepal
    GadgetNepal is collection of wide range of information of mobile, UI/UX, photography, reviews of available and upcoming androids, apple products etc. It also has list of post of top and trending games, apps for android, apple and windows phones.
  • E-Nepsters
    E-Nepsters features news, how tos, buying guides of different products, gadgets, devices which are upcoming or available in Nepal. It also showcases updated information of prices, launching dates, specification, reaction of products launched.
  • TechGuff
    TechGuff covers news, buying guides , how tos, events related to different kinds of gadgets, tech meetups. It also covers information of popular gadgets, profiles information, comparison of devices which can be fruitful to Nepalese tech audience.

The above collection is listed without any sorting order like popularity or age so I’d like you readers to bookmark them all the Tech Websites of Nepal to have latest information of available and upcoming gadgets, tech meetups etc. If I missed any please pass me a link in comment section below, I’ll update the post accordingly asap.

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