What to write next

I kept on thinking time and again of writing a good blog content , but unable to get even a single topic to jot on my blog. Numerous thoughts arise on how to write better blog posts and set down as they are circumscribed to a specific region only when thinking what to write about. It’s been more than 2 days I am pondering on what to write next, it is one of┬áthe reason I stopped blogging lately. It’s late to post in the blog and I am here again thinking on the topic.

there is no wrong or right just write

I wrote down my goals and list out in priority list, start with the high value jobs. I spend more time with the jobs that have effective consequences. I stay more than 10 hours in front of the white glowing rectangular screen. Article, I start as a priority goal, get into a topic, try to write it down and get stuck in a line after which I am unable to continue and wonder how writers of best blog sites create effective blog posts. I am not being lethargic to it, but try to continue with a passion to make the paragon article. After certain period, I retract back to the same state, go with the next topic. This became as a cycle, started 8 articles and all are incomplete.


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