Confort Zone

Comfort Zone

We may have heard a lot that We cannot succeed till we are in Comfort Zone. So, what really is comfort zone beyond which we can kiss the reward of our actions and feel the growth?

Comfort Zone is a state where you are in a safe zone which follows what others have been following, doing the work in others pattern and get the same result that others have been getting. It will comfort your mind because you will not have to experience turmoil as somebody else has face it before you and have developed a way out to it. You just need to follow other’s path but beyond comfort zone you will have to face the unexpected , uncomfortable things on every steps and every moment.

Being in comfort zone will surely lead you to some destination but it is not your destiny as you have been following somebody’s road-map which will keep you far away from knowing your limitation, gearing confidence, progressive space.

Too many of us will be following safe side but I request you to follow your guts, keep yourself motivated, start doing something, move on with baby steps, get small wins and celebrate them. Then you will never know when you have come out of the zone are reached the place where magic happens.

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