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British Airways Bots

British Airways has launched a Bot exclusively to the Facebook platform so as to assist its service to probable visitors and convert them to customer. British Airways Bots can be reached via its Facebook page and click on “Message” to reach the bot. British Airways Facebook Bot starts its conversation in following way
Hi Bipin, and welcome to the emoji-est way to find a holiday.

It’s pretty simple – I ask you some questions, you choose your emoji. In the end, we should have a good idea of where you want to go. And as a bonus, everywhere I suggest is in The Unforgettable Sale!

So, ready to play?
The Facebook Messenger is purposed to help or inform the visitor to create or know about the customize their travel through the British Airways.

british airways bots
british airways bots

The other way round to reach or message the British Airways Bots in Facebook Messenger is from the following link

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