Time Management

I need to scratch our hair whenever I need to manage time for anything during our working hour or working days. I feel that there are lots of tasks to be done and problems to be solved so, I feel awkward whenever I am asked for time. Most of the time, I feel like occupied and busy in different things and suffer a lot in time management.

Every moment and task have their own priorities as they may lead to different kind of results. Sometimes the same task may have different priorities, for instance, if my office gifts me for waking up early and walking 10K step a day I would walk each day but I may not go for every morning walk on my own. To cope with this problem, I am practicing to prioritize the task over other.

 time management
time management

Even though everything I do is my choice so, I need to choose the one with the highest priority. Such task can be categorised even further based on relationship and career. This has been helpful in time management in most of the cases where one feel like indecisive.

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