lost bot story bot

Lost bot story bot

Lost bot story bot is the first short story bot. LOST is written by the French author Samuel Petit and curated by Sylvain Souklaye for Synesthesia EXP. LOST is a digital literature experience where you are the hero.
It is a modern tale about modular identity, memory, choices and self designation.

The bot is available in FB platform only for now and can be reached from the link.

lost bot story bot chat
lost bot story bot chat

Above is the snap shot of lost bot story bot chat. For the first time, a chat bot invites its user to reflect on his own shifting condition, at times witness, at times builder and at times player.

Samuel Petit and Sylvain Souklaye created a literature space where the reader is in the center of the story. The bot LOST is the missing link between a book and a reader, immersive, sensitive and interactive at the same time!

For more information you can reach to below address.

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