3 Easy steps to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

There is no second doubt that today most viewers of the website is different kinds of portable mobile devices like mobile phones, tablets, kindles, netbooks, consoles etc. So, bloggers like us cannot ignore the highest viewing source to our website. We have to handle this source with their usage POV so that we can retain them and convert them to revisiting viewers. So, this blog post shall cover the 3 easy steps to make your website mobile friendly.

A website can be a blog, marketing site, e-commerce site, consulting, online course targeting different kinds of viewers but few thing is common for all the viewers in a mobile device which are the website must be functional as the desktop version without loosing its charm of UI and UX.

So here are 3 Easy steps to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly:
1. Responsive Theme
Choose responsive theme so that the CSS could handle most of the part of what and how to display the content of the website in a creative way. It will handle the issue of displaying the same content in the screen of mobile devices based on its resolution and size. It will not let users feel the change in the content viewing experience.

2. Content For Mobile
Website owners must know that the mobile viewers may be connected using data though they may be connected from wifi most of the cases. So, the content of the website must take care of the mobile viewers using data as such users may think of the cost they need to pay if they had to revisit the site. Limiting images and flashing offers can be used limited so as to keep the thought of the cost of data away from the mind of the mobile viewers.

3. Speed
Loading of the website in mobile must be faster as the users tend to scroll down fast in the mobile. If the website loads slowly then it’s obvious that the viewer will switch to other websites rather than waiting for it to load completely. You can implement website caching, using smaller images for mobile devices, implementing CDN etc to gear up the website loading time.

So, I would like you to keep these things in mind whenever you launch any new website or check if you are taking care of your mobile website viewers.

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