Ankit Shrestha – Kathmandu Saharmaa

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Enjoy Nepali lyrics of Ankit Shrestha – Kathmandu Saharmaa
एक दुइ दिनको त कुरा हो
के कुर्न सक्छौ कि काठमाडौँ शहरमा ?
नाङ्गो पाइला सारी अगि हिदेछु कहिले पुग्ने होला
हिजो जस्तै भोलिको दिनपनि , के तिमी गन्दैछौ ?
इ आशाको साहारा लि उडी औनेछु बिहान कुनै दिन

के तिमी उड्न सक्छौ मेरो हात समाई ?
के तिमी लड्न सक्छौ दुइ दिन को लडाई ?
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SmartPaani was established in 2011. The organization provides services for smart water treatment and storage methods. SmartPaani‘s services are: rain water harvesting, bio-sand filtration for obtaining potable water, grey water recycling for obtaining water fit for gardening, toilet flushing, car washing etc and finally, waste water treatment which largely reduces high concentration and removal of pathogens from waste water from factories before they are let out to the rivers.


In a country like Nepal, where all you find is a long queue standing to pay their bills, wherever and whenever you go, be it at a telephone office, electricity office, schools or banks, there is always a long line of a people waiting for their turns to pay their bills. This sight always turns us off, whenever we go for payment of our bills. ESewa Nepal is the solution for your trouble. Launched by F1 Soft International, e-Sewa is ‘Nepal’s first online payment gateway

Kunai Din – The Coffee Song – Swoopna Suman

Channel Arbitrary released a music video of Kunai Din – The Coffee Song – Swoopna Suman in YouTube. The music video, its CINEMATOGRAPHY, lyrics is cool as the song but the song says baru ek patak tato coffee pilaideu 🙂

Published on Jul 29, 2017
Composition/Lyrics – Swoopna Suman
Arranger – Abhisekh Thapa/Nattu Shah
Production – Range Studio – Shailesh

Enjoy music video of Kunai Din – The Coffee Song – Swoopna Suman

Enjoy lyrics of Kunai Din – The Coffee Song – Swoopna Suman
Thaha chaina Kun din
Kun mahina November ho ki december
Sayad aja September hola ki
Thaha chaina samaya Kati vayo
Ghadi chaina hatma Ani phone pani
Bokdina ajavoli ma
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Online Aushadhi

Online Aushadhi is a first of its kind online pharmacy network, which offers services ranging from digitizing prescriptions to delivering medicines to any place within Ringroad, Kathmandu at a reasonable price. As a whole, Online Aushadhi offer you, a pharmacy at your doorsteps.


The below story of 11Beep is courtesy of myrepublica developed by Bimal Maharjan

At the onset of every new year, I feel I was stupid the previous year. What I believed the year before is often shattered to pieces by the things I learn during the current year. And I wonder why I didn’t think about that last year.

So, I have divided my experience as a startup “wannapreneur” of 1.5 years under five major headers.
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Kafal Kamla Almoda Zanak

A new song Kafal Kamla is published on YouTube on Jul 14, 2017 by Almoda Rana Upreti featuring Zanak Tamrakar. The song is a mixture of Doteli and Kumaouni Folk tunes and sung in Far Western Nepali Language. The song is soothing may be another hit by the singer of Pani Paryo (Funtastic).

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ला: यागु परिकार

Below are the name of non- veg dishes of Newars
ला: यागु परिकार
१०)सि पुसा
१२)मू ला
१४)सःपु म्हिचा
१५)ला ख:ब्व
१८)समय् जेसा
२०)खाय् जेसा
२१)पालू ला
२२)ला हि
२३)त:कू ला
२४)चीकू ला
२५)पुकाला (पुकुला)
२६)ला ग्व
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