Lyrics of Wondergods

It’s your boy U N I Q
Resonate to the base and a drum kit
When the snare fill up the air my heart functions
Music in my soul, I really mean it
Live for my art imma die for my freedom
Rule number one keep your patience persevere through the trials and tribulations
Number two accept your failure only then you can celebrate your wins like hell yea
Last rule is in a revolution never give up chin up and keep moving
One day everything will follow it’ll all make sense like change for dollars
Rap fins this a needle to your vein
The thing about music when it hit you feel no pain
As I proceed through this lane, its either nirvana or Kurt Cobain.

When life gets hard, music’s the only remedy
Get trapped behind these wars imma escape through these melodies
Doing fine without the hatred and jealousy
About time we realize love can only set us free
You live you learn you give you earn
Hope I’m on the right side when the table’s turn
Life happens to circles so I can’t fit into no square
No past no future I’m just tryna be here
Life of an artist comes with no satisfaction
Life of an artist don’t question no answers
Life of an artist is based on free lancing
We out here tyna capture life in these few stanzas
Doing it, doesn’t matter what the circumstance is
Life of an artist comes with delayed advances
Craft comes first, money comes second
When that music is the soul, that’s when I reach heaven

As I proceed to put my life on the line
Connected through these wave, see the signs
Visions of eternity through the third eye
Wear my heart to the sleeve every moment I’m alive
As I bleed all these ?drums? put my mind on the ?tram?
when I die I leave the water bottles leaking at the wine- divine
Fate of a water bearer enter the new era
Do what you do every day and you do better
Worldwide yea I rep for the region
Fire that I’m breathing no matter what the season
I still keep it chill in the hills I be freezein’
You know what the deal, keep it real for a reason
Nothing handed brick city bandits
Coming for everything thing I hope they understand it
Underdog to the wonder god never land
Yea we high in the sky
No question we the answer

Feeling like I’m gonna be a god how you pal?
But for now, I’m just a guy with his eyes to the sky
Of the clouds of mah mind
I’m hearing sounds very loud angels with them halo spin
Cheering now tearing ?blau? see I’m here take ‘em out like I’m a cop with a pair of rounds
I ain’t scared of shit third world kid got dreams like an American
In my comparison me go get the everything
I’m a think about them people who sit confused
When I said I’ll make big doing what I do in a year or two
They gon get a clearer view of my dreams coming true
But they don’t really want it to, so I gotta holla fo c’mon
Lately I’ve been ducking calls, attachments – all to cut ‘em off
Cuz’ I want all the dirt of my shoulders to be dusted off
Fucking judgements I’m even up above the law
Underdog to wonder god, cross to everybody that I’ve come across in this life
Fuck ’em all double crossers that I used to ball with
And I’m like now I’m gonna be a god bitch
Ready for them crosses
If that’s the process, nail me twice
Imma still come out as a hail the Christ
Present looking nice futures looking hella bright DWAG
Right my wrongs like RAM as I write rhymes

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