How to receive a Parcel in Nepal

If you have received a letter note or call as notification of parcel arrival instead of a parcel from postal office then you need to go to the general post office at Sundhara, Kathmandu.

You need to go to Sundhara office along with your personal id copy like a photocopy of citizenship or passport. There you can ask for parcel delivery room or Room no. 29. On the way to room you will be asked to fill a red colored form (shown below) available at reception.

how to receive a parcel in nepal
how to receive a parcel in nepal

Take the form to the letter to room no. 29 where you need to submit the form and search for the parcel. Either you will be sent to Room no. 31 or the parcel will be opened in front of you to verify the things to calculate VAT and Customs Tax. Once your, parcel items are noted you will be followed by calculation where each item will be valued guessing its price like a normal watch will be priced at Rs. 500, a bag as Rs. 500 but same being branded one will be valued more. Here you may need to show the price of the items or convince them to be of low price to lower you tax to be paid.
custom tax calculation for a parcel in nepal
custom tax calculation for a parcel in nepal

After calculation, you will need to get a sign of the Customs Officer who is available at Room no. 32. On getting the sign, return back to Room no. 31 and pay the tax calculated ahead. Here, I forgot to mention that you need to carry change else you may not get remainder money back 😉

You will be asked to go to reception and get all your paper stamped official. BTW here you will be asked for some bucks which is not mandatory.

Now, you are ready to get your long awaited parcel. So, go to room no. 29 and get your parcel on submitting your red form.

Hope this post helps you get your parcel easily and leaving unnecessary hassles. Wish you luck.

3 Easy steps to Make Your Website Mobile Friendly

There is no second doubt that today most viewers of the website is different kinds of portable mobile devices like mobile phones, tablets, kindles, netbooks, consoles etc. So, bloggers like us cannot ignore the highest viewing source to our website. We have to handle this source with their usage POV so that we can retain them and convert them to revisiting viewers. So, this blog post shall cover the 3 easy steps to make your website mobile friendly.

A website can be a blog, marketing site, e-commerce site, consulting, online course targeting different kinds of viewers but few thing is common for all the viewers in a mobile device which are the website must be functional as the desktop version without loosing its charm of UI and UX.

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What is affiliate marketing?

You might be hearing or seeing success stories about affiliate marketing amazon, affiliate marketing jobs etc but you may not be understanding meaning of affiliate marketing. This post shall be regarding what is affiliate marketing. As per Wikipedia, Affiliate marketing is a type of performance based marketing in which a business rewards one or more affiliates for each visitor or customer brought by the affiliate’s own marketing efforts.

In simple words, Affiliate Marketing is promoting other’s product or service in return for a commission or payout using different mediums such as websites, banners, blog posts, youtube, images, texts etc. Continue reading What is affiliate marketing?

Available .np domain names

Today, while browsing Mercantile’s website to register a domain with, I found lots and lots of domain extension available over there. I could not stand without sharing with you thinking it would be helpful for any organization or person registering with .np as domain extension. Below is the list of available .np domain names extensions. Continue reading Available .np domain names

Top 3 websites to gain traffic to your website

There are many websites which bring traffic of visitors to your website which can improve your website’s pagerank and impression to your visitors. Every bloggers and website owners love to attract more and more website visitors so as to expand their business or service or share their feelings. This post shall be covering Top 3 websites to gain traffic to your website. Obviously, those sites are the social networking sites.
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How to Enable custom URL for your YouTube channel ?

As per to the notice from Google, it has enabled for YouTube video creators to use a custom word in their channel name. This may help the users to remember the channel name easily or find other popular channels. This will benefit bot YouTube channels hosts and channel viewers. Here I have mentioned how to Enable custom URL for your YouTube channel. Continue reading How to Enable custom URL for your YouTube channel ?

Canva online photo editor

Canva, online photo editor is one of the most used online photo editors on the internet. Image editors with lots of features are not in reach to layman due to its high pricing and image unavailability etc. Canva has been effective to such person who has less idea of image editing, fewer resources like images, fonts etc. as it has huge resources of free templates, free images, free fonts and shapes.
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Explore Gadgets

Explore Gadgets is a tech channel on YouTube which has been vlogging from Aug 19, 2012. The channel has been explaining on various factors of the wide range of devices and accessories.Beside the huge compilation of videos on various kind of apps, games they also post informational Videos about electronic gadgets, accessories, mobile unboxing, Mobile technologies, ebooks, comparison of both ios and android apps Games, tutorials etc. It also holds different kinds of promotive give outs. Continue reading Explore Gadgets

Point domain to Tumblr from GoDaddy

Tumblr is an easy micro blogging tool which has been extensively used to share different kinds of information. You can create a free account to write your blog and even point your domain to it and then manage your website via Tumblr’s dashboard. Here, I have tried to compile a simple way to connect one’s domain from GoDaddy to Tumblr.
Steps to Point domain to Tumblr from GoDaddy

– From the list of available domains, Click on the name of the domain you want to point to Tumblr.
– You will be taken to a new page where you need to enter the IP of Tumblr(ie across the @ sign as shown below. Continue reading Point domain to Tumblr from GoDaddy

Small changes to be more consistent in blogging

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