View of Nepal Being Foreigner

Bernat Moreno, a Spanish illustrator who has been a waiter, disc jockey, gardener, web designer and entrepreneur hospitality has published a book with illustrations about different parts of Nepal. The book can be NEPAL! taken a compilation of View of Nepal being foreigner.

He has tried to depict the architecture, culture, religion, places, living standards of Nepali in one of his project which was kickstarted. Being a Nepali, I found the book with the drawings which I have missed but a tourist could see in my Country Nepal. Continue reading View of Nepal Being Foreigner

Mastering the Craft of Writing

Recently, I have started a habit of reading books. Usually, I read while travelling to work and before sleeping. I pick books randomly, and often I am pleasantly surprised by the books. Please find my first book review of Sharebata Karodpati from here. This month I started reading the book “Mastering the Craft of Writing: How to Write With Clarity, Emphasis, and Style”.  I have not finished reading , however, it didn’t stop me from writing this review.

As an occasional blogger, I often struggle with my writing. As such, I am happy that I bumped into this book. This book is simple to read. Continue reading Mastering the Craft of Writing

Sharebata Karodpati

Last week got a notification of in Facebook regarding a book being published on stock market of Nepal named, Sharebata Karodpati. Being a rookie share holder of few companies, I thought to order a book via same site and was handed over the next day. Thank you SastoBook for fast delivery. To know more about the share market of Nepal, I started reading it from the very evening.

The book tries to cover the general information of the stock market of Nepal along with the guidance for which a human to quench the zeal to earn money. The division of writing on different topics such as how to enter stock market, when to enter it, how to invest it and even when to exit. All the above mentioned topics are well elaborated with different incidents, experiences, quotes and diagrams which makes the reading more informative and factual.

The book extended my knowledge on different terms and literature used in stock market of Nepal. Beside it also clarifies what should be done to make profit and redeem losses if any. The book exhibits glamour of the stock market with latest information and request everyone to practice in stock markets with in one’s comfort. My sincere gratitude to author Rabindra Bhattarai, publisher Fineprint Books and

The above lines are not for reviews or promotion of the book Sharebata Karodpati, author or the website. Its just mere view of a normal layman. Sorry, if my POV with less understanding on this market hampers you even a bit and expect suggestion instead. Have a wonderful day ahead.