Use of VR technology in Tourism

I had heard about Virtual Reality after Facebook bought Oculus Rift to make its presence in development of Virtual Reality (VR). From then on, I have been following different posts and articles based on uses of VR in various sectors like Medicine, Industries, Education where VR can be implemented for different purposes like researches and enhancements. VR, now has similar charm like the first iPod or iPhone had created. Though it’s limited to certain people only for now, there is want for more content, products and its implementation around us. I would like to state some use of VR technology in Tourism for now.

From the experience of the VR users, it has been worked and they felt it like their own new sense. Although this tool is new in technology, it will surely bring dramatic and revolutionary leap in field of tourism. On using the Head Set of VR, you will feel that you are present in the very place of which your are viewing through it. It will not fail to entertain the users and keep them engaged with its different features like movement in 360 degree, hand gestures, supporting tools etc. Continue reading Use of VR technology in Tourism